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Hair Removal Tips

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Reasons for hair removal, either temporary or permanent, are: cosmetic, mechanical (divers, oxygen masks), medical (for surgery) and legal (military, police).

We recommend the blend technique, as it is effective for all types and thicknesses of hair, including curved and distorted follicles.

Excess androgens (a hormone) cause excess hair growth.

Individuals acclimatize to electrolysis.

A brand new sterilized probe is used for each appointment, and never re-used.

Electrolysis has been around for over 100 years with an amazing track record of long-term results.

The electricity in electrolysis is delivered almost ¼ inch, or ¾ cm., below the skin’s surface, where the hair root is destroyed, and prevents regrowth.

Electrolysis destroys the hair root using heat and chemical energy.

The blend combines the sureness of the galvanic electrolysis current with the swiftness of the thermolysis current, the most efficient, effective way of producing permanent hair removal.

Most individuals describe electrolysis as uncomfortable, not painful. If there is no sensation, then proper electrolysis isn’t being delivered.

Removing hair from an actively growing follicle is more effective, less time-consuming, more comfortable, and provides easier removal.

Medical reasons for hair removal include hirsutism, [referring to androgen (male hormone) dependent, coarse, dark] hair growth in a male sexual pattern, occurring in women.

Thermolysis is only permanently effective for FINE straight hair. The blend (thermolysis and galvanic) is recommended for all other hair types.

Laser hair removal can be dangerous if done on eyebrows because if the light comes in contact with the eyes there could be damage.

Lasting Effect uses the blend - thermolysis (heat current) AND galvanic (chemical action), to remove hair permanently."

Client said, "Janet exceeded my expectations in all ways because of her qualifications and personality - a good fit!"

Client said, "Good control on hair growth! I like the flexible hours and availability of appointments. It's a great location from work and home."

Client said, "I feel much better now that the hair regrowth seems to be under control. I don't dread anyone getting too close."

Client said, "Janet is very personable, and provides fantastic customer service - how she makes her customers feel exceeds my expectations!"

Client said, "For the face area, laser doesn't work. Electrology went very well, as things are improving - which is a comfort. Janet is gentle and seems very concerned of comfort."

Client said, "I chose Janet, as I know her to give great attention to detail and to have integrity."

Client said, "My expectations were exceeded. It was faster than I thought. It is so convenient to be able to go in the evening."

Client said, "Janet is removing thick, black menopausal hair from my chin and neck area successfully. I have far less hair than previously. Janet is very friendly and accomodating. She also explained the procedure thoroughly."

Client says, "Janet has a steady hand and a healing touch. The results have been amazing."

Client said, "It was important to me that Janet is certified, attended a reputable school (Caruso International School of Electrology), and is a member of the Federation of Certified Electrologists in Canada."

Client said, "I don't have to wax, pluck or tweeze my eyebrows anymore." =:-)

Client said, "Janet is a trust-worthy technician. She provides excellent customer service, with convenience, and a holistic approach."

Client said, "I experienced permanent results for hair removal on my eyebrows."

Client said, "After having eyebrow hairs removed permanently, I have no worry and the inconvenience of day to day tweezing."

Client said, "Something about this website caught my eye. It might have been the fish in the contact information."

Client said, "I was apprehensive, but Janet was positive and explained the procedure with care. She is kind and has a professional manner of communication."

Client said, "I chose Janet of Lasting Effect for electrolysis hair removal because the emotional strain of having whiskers and feeling unfeminine was unbearable."

A number of clients have said, "Laser did not work for me", and others said, "My hair growth got worse after laser hair removal."

A client said, "Janet is professional, completely hygienic, has a warmth to her and is skilled."

A client said, "Janet exceeded my expectations due to her interpersonal skills and the calibre of human being that she is."

A client said, "Great results to electrology! My skin has improved s-o-o-o-o much. I actually have less acne in the area she has been clearing hair from!"

A client said, "Janet has exceeded my expectations in all ways, and especially because of her qualifications and personality - a good fit!"

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